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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Whats in your fridge?

Whats in your fridge thats good, and whats in your fridge that isn't? Find out in this educational video.

Watering your plants

This is me teaching you how to water your plants properly without soaking them too much and killing them.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

End result for the volunteering job!

So after we volunteered at millenium park with other groups, we took one big group picture! I was so happy that we actually went through with this and it took a lot out of our day, but it was worth it. Everyone in the environment, is.

Aquaponics system!

In biology we were required to make an aquaponics system to show what we learned about it. This is ours. It may not look on key, but it's the future of gardening since global warming has rendered some areas useless! Learn to make one and it's very simple to keep going!

Volunteering with group UMAD!

This is the time when we volunteered with team UMAD! We all helped clean-up downtown millenium park! This provided that we all had images and different ideas to all add to this idea! I really liked this idea so I helped out! What have you done lately?

Monday, May 7, 2012

Green CTA Hybrid Busses

If you live in Chicago, you may have noticed that many of our city's buses are toting the words "clean air hybrid bus". Starting in 2007, Chicago initiated the use of 20 hybrid busses, and by 2009 the CTA was running more than 200. Compared to the old diesel busses, the CTA's hybrids have a 20% greater fuel efficiency, meaning that less money is spent on fuel and they can go farther with lower amounts of gas. Around when Chicago received their first electric busses, San Francisco did the same. They now have the 3rd largest hybrid bus fleet in the nation. Through running hybrid buses instead of diesel ones, the cost of fuel that needs to be paid by the city is lowered, and the amount of running time for the buses increases. It just goes to show that more and more people are trying to do their part in helping the environment. Sources: