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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Healthy food vs. unhealthy food

This is Healthy food vs. unhealthy food. As you can see, the unhealthy food is crossed out. Why? Well, because every part of the unhealthy meal is bad for you. For instance, the bread contains carbohydrates, but it's more than you should take in and wheat bread is a better substitute. The meat on the sandwich is fed corn, which is most of our diet today. That over consumption of corn is terrible for us and can cause obesity. The fries, have grease and salt, which is more salt then we should normally take in. The grease contains bad fats and it can get you sick. The drink, contains high fructose corn syrup which has corn in it as well, but it can cause high levels of obesity. The sugar can cause diabetes. The fruit though, it has complex sugars and it helps your body generate energy so you stay awake and fresh throughout the day. Which side do you choose?

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