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Monday, March 5, 2012

Nike Reuse a Shoe: The Cool Way To Recycle Shoes!
      The project linked above is a cool idea by nike started in 1990 called "Reuse-A-Shoe". The goal of the project is to take shoes and separate the 3 main parts of the shoe and use those parts to build tracks for running, tennis courts, and basketball courts. EVERY part of the shoe is used! This is Nike's way of using the 3 "R"s (Reducing, Reusing and Recycling) in their business. Bring your tennis shoes to any big. even flagship, Nike store in your city or town in able to be a part of this project!
     Sports fan or not, Nike will take your shoes in ANY condition to be recycled! If your space is cluttered by old shoes with holes in them or that are worn out, this is a perfect way to get rid of them INSTEAD of throwing them away. In order to find a store, you can use the Nike Store Locator right here!
Please consider this awesome project, instead of sending your old shoes to landfills by throwing them away. Thank you so much for reading and please tune back in later for another post!

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