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Friday, March 16, 2012

Interesting Ways to be Eco-Friendly

The green technology industry is booming, there is everything from recyclable earrings to a banana coffin!
Here are some very interesting products, that are also good for the environment.

Eco-friendly Burial

A Colorado company sells caskets made from banana sheaves, bamboo or pandanus that decomposes together with the body as a way of promoting ecologically-friendly burials. The so-called Ecoffin, short for eco-friendly coffins, of Ecoffins USA takes six months to two years to biodegrade. The company's  director, Joanna Passarelli, said the Ecoffins is better for the environment than cremating bodies. 

Eco-friendly Remote Control

This unique creation is called the Sony Conductor TV Remote. It's a wand shape kind of remote that needed to be swayed side to side to power it on and the green LED light fire up to indicate its power level. To start navigating, one can wave the conductor left and right to change your TV set's volume, up and down to change channels and in a circular motion to switch your TV set on or off. Sounds really tiring to me. 

Eco-friendly Moss Carpet

They say walking on fresh grass increases your blood circulation. This is a reason to get going to the nearest park, remove your expensive Jimmy Choo's and prance around. The Moss Carpet, created by Nguyen La Chanh, looks at getting the grass to your feet, and that too in your loo! Made from imputrescible foam called plastazote, the mat includes ball moss, island moss and forest moss. The humidity of the bathroom ensures that the mosses thrive. And that's why you need to place it there and not anywhere else. Little gnomes not included. 

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